Football’s unity and peacebuilding role discussed in Ukraine19 September 2014

SeniorrepresentativesofUkrainianfootballandethnicminoritycampaignerswilllookatthe impactofUltragroupsinthecountry’srecentevents,addresstheissuesarounddiscrimination againstCrimeanTatars and explore football’spositiveroleinpeacebuilding,ataconferencenextweek.

The initiative, co-organised between the Fare member East European Development Institute (EEDI) and the Ukrainian Football Federation (FFU) on 22 September, in Kyiv, aims to bring together key actors in football to deal with issues of discrimination and inclusion in a co-ordinated way.

The conference will also sum up and analyse the results of social and humanitarian anti-discrimination projects developed during the past year after the adoption of the “Football without hate” resolution.

In October 2013, following a widespread debate in Ukraine on discrimination in football triggered by incidents at a World Cup qualifying match, and a consequent FIFA sanction, EEDI and FFU jointly with Fare held a conference to adopt the “Football without hate” resolution on prevention, monitoring and sanction of discriminatory behaviour in football.

Mridula Ghosh from the EEDI said, “This event has become a yearly one, showing FFU’s interest in working with NGOs and communities. And, really, in the backdrop of war, devastation and crisis faced by Ukraine for almost a year already, this is inspiring.” said Mridula Ghosh

Also featuring the agenda’s programme is the setting up of an amateur football league of teams, consisting of representatives of ethnic minorities, indigenous people and various diaspora, living in Ukraine.

“Apart from discussing a review of monitoring discrimination in football following last year’s conference resolution, for the first time ethnic minority and indigenous peoples leaders will get together to raise issues of an amateur league.” stressed the EEDI representative.

The conference’s programme envisages a resolution, ‘Football against Discrimination, for Unity and Peace’, to be adopted by voting of the participants.

The conference, the first of fifteen highlight Events of this year’s Football People action weeks, is supported by Fare, FIFA, UEFA and the Ukrainian Premier and Professional Football Leagues.

To register please click here or email the East European Development Institute.