French professional clubs highlight anti-racist mobile app23 October 2013


The app, the first of its kind in France, was developed and launched earlier this year by the Paris- based League Against Racism and anti-Semitism (Licra) in an attempt to tackle discrimination in real time and help draw the attention of local authorities to action needed.

Licra, a long standing Fare member, have been co-ordinated Fare action weeks activities for many years in France. This years’ focus on the app will come through features on clubs websites, in matchday programmes and through displays on stadium big screens.

Amongst the uses of the app is a function that allows users to make a geolocation of racist tags and legal advice and guidance for the victims and witnesses of racist incidents. The geotag system is monitored by local authorities allowing for action to be taken quickly when issues are reported.

“For the better or worse, new technologies are part of our reality. Abuse and discrimination through online forums has increased over the years and Licra has been frequently asked to act on it. This app is a way to fight this abuse with technology”, explained Licra President Alain Jakubowicz.

The free application is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Licra app