French State Secretary for Sport Rama Yade confirms her commitments towards the fight against homophobia in sport18 June 2010

Alain Cayzac, former Chairman of Paris Saint-Germain and now Honorary Chairman of FARE member Paris Foot Gay, met representatives of the French Football, Rugby and Tennis Federations in the French Sport Ministry at the end of May.
After this meeting an action plan against homophobia in sport was presented by the Ministry.

This ambitious plan includes:

• a document to raise all sports teachers' awareness to the fight against homophobia
• the signing of a convention
• a study on the reality of homophobia in sport
• the promotion of an anonymous helpline in sport of the campaign SOS Homophobia
• the organization of the next FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) conference against homophobia in Paris in 2011
• the incitement to sign a charter against homophobia in sports to all sports federations

The FARE network and Paris Foot Gay welcome such an ambitious action plan.

3rd FARE conference against homophobia to be held in Paris

The action started at the first FARE LGBT Football Supporters Congress in January 2009 in Barcelona, where representatives from the LGBT community from all over Europe met to discuss further steps in the fight against homophobia. Due to its success, the Barcelona meeting was the kick off for a series of conferences against homophobia in sports, especially in football. In 2010 the second FARE Conference Against Homophobia took place in Berlin where some of the participants reported that they are still facing massive difficulties and discrimination in their countries. All conferences have been organized by FARE partner EGLSF and the local LGBT community.

Rama Yade has now accepted to organize the third FARE Conference Against Homophobia 2011 in Paris. This is another encouraging step forward for FARE and the LGBT sport community.