FSE Fans’ Action 2010 in Poland and Ukraine02 March 2010

The Football Supporters Europe (FSE) network launches the FSE Fans’ Action 2010 in Poland and Ukraine.

FSE financially supports outstanding (trans-)national fans’ initiatives and projects promoting a positive football supporters culture, including values such as international goodwill, fair play in preparation to EURO2012 . The grant is up to € 1000,- and includes activities organised by fans and fans’ initiatives between May and December 2010 in Poland and/or Ukraine. Let us know about your planned activities in and around football stadia and send your filled application form to FSE until 31 March 2010 latest. FSE will choose the most interesting and challenging fans’ projects and initiatives and can be contacted to offer assist and support your planning and implementation. We look forward to learning about your ideas, initiatives and activities.

All Polish and Ukrainian fans, supporters, ultras, fan clubs, fan projects or fan initiatives that agree with the core principles (see below) of FSE are invited to join the FSE Fans’ Action 2010 in Ukraine or Poland.

The actions, initiatives and events have to take place in Poland and/or the Ukraine. This can be a single event in or around football stadia or a series of several actions in different cities of both countries.

The activities have to take place between 15 May and 31 December 2010.

For practical ideas and hints how you can become active, see our suggestions below:
– Twin with befriended fan groups in Poland and Ukraine and organise a joined campaign or action
– Organise an international, anti-racism tournament and/or exhibition on the fans’ situation in your region and initiate the exchange of fans
– Invite officials from FA, Premier League, clubs and politicians to community events and organise panel discussions and film events about fan culture
– Make an action with underprivileged groups such as disabled fans or football fans from ethnic minority groups, asylum seekers or refugees

Financial Support
To encourage a variety of grass-roots events, FSE is able to offer grants for a range of local, regional, national or transnational activities that will take place in 2010 in Ukraine and Poland. The wide range of activities we are able to support includes football fan related events such as special matches, debates or tournaments promoting football culture, production of campaigning materials (banners, flyers, fanzines, posters, stickers,…), as well as the organisation of stadium action and community days. The financial contribution fans and fan clubs can ask for should not exceed € 1000,-.

Core Principles
All participating fans and initiatives have to agree with the following core principles of FSE.
– Do not tolerate discrimination of any individuals or any groups including the following: ethnic origin, ability, religion, gender, sexual orientation and age
– Reject violence, both verbal and physical
– Stand up for the empowerment of grassroots football supporters
– Promote a positive football supporters’ culture, including values such as fair play and good governance

Any fans’ group or initiative and any activity carried out with grants from the FSE in the framework of this project must proactively support these principles. FSE reserve the right to revoke the grant in the case that fans or fans’ initiatives do not respect these criteria, do not fulfill the guidelines or when racist, homophobic, sexist or other discriminatory incidents are reported during the actions taken.

Application for Grants
Access the online application form in three languages on www.footballsupporterseurope.org and describe briefly your planned activity or event in 2010. Please send us the filled in application form by e-mail or post as soon as possible, but not later than 31 March 2010 to the contact listed below. We will then get in touch with all applicants by end of April with the information if they are successful. Please note that we cannot support all activities.

Publicity and Visibility
It should be clear and visible that your activity is funded by FSE. This can be done by using the FSE logo, mentioning FSE in your printed material and on your websites etc. We will provide you with the FSE logo.

Campaign Resources
FSE will produce a FSE Action poster which will be send to all FSE contacts and upon request. FSE will offer a limited amount of FSE stickers.

Please make sure that you take photos when you hold your action or event and send us your high resolution photographs. We might use them in the next FSE materials or on the FSE website. After the end of your event we ask you to send us the filled in Reimbursement Form including a written short report on your activity.

Transfer of Grants
Bank transfers will only be made after we have received the original receipts of the expenditures.

Please send the filled in application form until 31 March 2010 to:

FSE – Coordination Football Supporters Europe
Coordinating Office
Postfach (P.O.Box) 50 04 03
22704 Hamburg
mail: info@footballsupporterseurope.org