Get hold of a Football People t-shirt and join the movement 26 September 2017

TheFootballPeopleactionweeks areatwo-weekpan-Europeancampaign focusedontackling discriminationinfootballandusingthegametoeducatefortolerance,inclusionanddiversity.Thisyearitwilltakeplacebetween5-19October.

The support given to the campaign is grows every year. Activists and leading football stars can be seen wearing Football People t-shirts and sharing it to thousands across social media.

You can now get a Football People t-shirt and add your voice to the movement.

Available in two colours, they can be bought for 10€ (£8 or $10). In heather navy: men S, M, L, XL, XXL, women L and XL, and youth L (9-11 years old) and XL (12-14 years old).

In charcoal: men S, M, L, XL, women L and XL, and youth L (9-11 years old) and XL (12-14 years old).

Campaign packs are also available to groups who want to run activities under the Football People branding in October.

A campaign pack includes: one Football People flag [70 x 105cm], five Football People t-shirts, 50 calls for action, 50 posters, 200 stickers, 50 badges. It is available for 125€.

If you are running an event please register your activity:

To purchase the t-shirt or the campaign pack email info@farenetorg.