GIIG info days held in Poland, Slovenia and Italy06 July 2017

AseriesofinfodayshavebeenheldacrossPoland,SloveniaandItalytopromotethe EuropeanUnion Erasmus+programme GetInclusiveIntheGame(GIIG).

GIIG proposes a sustainable model of cooperation based on the integration of innovative and operative synergies between the sport sector and other sectors for the social inclusion of migrants, refugees and women. It aims to promote voluntary activities in sport that foster the social inclusion of minority groups, equal opportunities and raise awareness of health-enhancing physical activity.

In Poland, six GIIG volunteers presented the project at Warsaw’s IROM MAN, held on 11 June, which was followed by a training session for students at the Mińsk Mazowiecki High School, in Mińsk.

The Slovenian GIIG partner Drustvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo Mesto (DRPDNM) also organised a series of initiatives at Novo Mesto’s schools to share information about the project. Students learned about the programme and its objectives and the “NO HATE” campaign of the Council of Europe Youth Department and were involved in a discussion on how to improve the participation of women and migrants in regular sport activities.

In Italy, Fare member Balon Mundial promoted the project at Football Communities, a football tournament which involved over 400 players from migrant and refugee backgrounds, and at the Balon Mundial World Cup, the organisation’s annual tournament nicknamed as the migrant’s world cup.

In addition to the info days GIIG organised a roundtable at the Cassino University in Lazio, Italy, with leading experts and Italian organisations on the topic of social inclusion through sport.