Glasgow City women’s team unveil new kit with role model statement07 April 2017

The lackofmediacoverageofwomen’ssporthasbeenhighlightedinamessageonanewawaykitforGlasgowCitywomen’steam.

The purple and white kit has the words ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’ on the back, to raise awareness of the lack of media coverage women’s football receives.

It highlights the importance of visible role models within football for girls and women, pointing out that if these do not have women to look up to, they will be far less likely to aspire to become an elite athletes themselves.

Recent statistics suggest that in the United Kingdom only 7% of all sports media coverage is dedicated to women’s sport while less than 0.5% of sports sponsorship is given to women’s sport.

Susan Egelstaff, sports journalist said“The biggest issue in Scotland is not that there is no interest from the media in covering women’s sport, rather it is that men’s football remains so dominant that everything else is pushed to the side”.

“Women’s football has a huge opportunity to grab the spotlight this year” she continued.

With the 2017 UEFA Women’s European Championships taking place in The Netherlands in July, there is an opportunity to have women’s football on the spotlight at greater rates than previously and take a step forward towards equality in football.