Grants for Football v Homophobia month of action announced14 January 2020


Initiatives taking place during the month of action including conferences, workshops, tournaments, and more, all advocating LGBT rights in sport with the aim of ensuring that everyone can enjoy, participate in and practice football.

Louise Englefield, Director of Football v Homophobia says: “Acceptance of lesbian and gay people is declining in some Eastern European countries and hate crime is rising in the West. In February we want European football to come together and take a stand against LGBT+ discrimination.”

To help support activities across Europe Fare has offered grants for grassroots groups to organise events. We are delighted to be able to announce that the following 25 groups have been awarded grants:

  • Diversport, Malaga, Spain
  • La Compagnie Le Trimaran, Limoges, France
  • Cumbernauld Colts Community Football Club, Cumbernaud, Scotland
  • Dracs de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
  • FC Paris Arc En Ciel, Paris, France
  • LEAP Sports Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Inteletualet e rinj, Shprese, Shkoder, Albania
  • Q Sports Romania, Bucharest, Romania
  • Atletik Dildoa, Istanbul, Turkey
  • qSPORT Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Sporting Pride, Dublin, Ireland
  • A.S.D QUADRATO METICCIO, Padova, Italy
  • NOGOMETNI KLUB RAKICAN, Murska Sobota, Slovenia
  • Drustvo nogometnih trenerjev Murska Sobota, Murska Sobota, Slovenia
  • League of Tolerance, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
  • KULSPORT, Podgorica, Montenegro
  • Lupi Roma Outsport, Rome, Italy
  • Youth for Peace and Equality, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Association “New Woman”, Semizovac, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • The Racecourse Community Foundation, Wrexham, Wales
  • Sicilya Demir Spor, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Global Organization for Development /G.O.D./ NGO, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Gesellschaftsspiele e.V., Berlin, Germany
  • LGBT social movement “REVERS”, Krasnodar, Russia

You can see what these creative, and in some countries brave, organisations plan to do here.

Register your activity

If you plan on hosting a Football v Homophobia activity of your own you can also register your activity here directly with FvH. We can help you promote it.

Last year activities took place in countries including Bulgaria, England, Finland, Germany, Italy, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Ukraine. You can be a part of it in 2020.

Let us know what you plan to do!