Grim news from Ukraine as neo-Nazis attack anti-racist fans in Kiev17 August 2010

On August 15th 2010 after the football match of Ukrainian Premier League between Arsenal (Kiev) and Volyn (Lutsk) the most severe armed neo-Nazi attack on football fans took place.

During the match Arsenal supporters displayed anti-racist banners and banners in support of arrested Russian anti-fascists, thus demonstrating their anti-racist views for the first time in public. Immediately after the match on the way to the metro station, 30 Arsenal supporters were attacked by 50 neo-Nazis including fans of Dynamo (Kiev). The incident went beyond 'normal' football clashes: the attackers were armed with knives and brass knuckles, shouting the slogans “Heil Hitler” and “White Power”.

During the fight neo-Nazis made murder attempts against one anti-fascist, who, whilst lying unconscious on the ground was stabbed three times in the back, suffering punctured lungs. Thankfully, after emergency surgery his condition is stable. Another anti-fascist was brought to hospital with temporary memory loss and brain injuries, whilst other fans of Arsenal suffered multiple injuries. Immediately after the neo-Nazi attack police arrested 4 attackers, one of which had a bloodstained knife with him, however Pechersk district police department refuse to open a criminal case and denied the incident was ideologically motivated violence.

Internet search confirmed that the attack was organized by the extreme right hooligan group Terror Family. Among them were active neo-Nazis previously convicted of criminal offences, such as attacks on ethnic minorities and hooligan activities. This group is responsible for numerous racist symbols that occur on Dynamo (Kiev) terraces, such as Celtic crosses and swastikas. Some of their websites carried messages about the attack on the '60(!)' antifascists. Some of these messages were later removed.

Arsenal Kiev fans
Kiev Arsenal remains the only Premier League club in Ukraine whose fans demonstrate their anti-fascist views in public. This has caused confrontation with fans of other football clubs in Ukraine where neo-Nazis dominate. Arsenal fans have been subject to armed attacks before, but this case is unprecedented.

Police actions
Wrongly, Police are trying to suggest that the fight was arranged in advance by both sides.
One of the injured anti-fascist was questioned in a hospital, and alleges that police used psychological pressure trying to gain a confession that the fight was pre-arranged

These facts show that police is trying to hide the ideological grounds of the attack on Arsenal supporters. The authorities simply refuse to recognise the existence of neo-Nazi gangs in Ukraine that organise mass armed attacks close to the centre of the capital.