Hansa Rostock fined, investigations against Alemannia Aachen and Mönchengladbach18 September 2006

German FA´s (DFB) strong reaction on racism

When Dr. Theo Zwanziger was elected to be the new president of the German Football Association (DFB) on 8th of September he immediately mentioned social integration and the support of young women’s football as two of his main targets. Zwanziger always pushed the issue of social inclusion in the DFB. With Zwanziger on the forefront the DFB seems to start a harder approach against racism and discrimination in German football.

Racist chanting against Gerald Asamoah at FC Hansa Rostock II – FC Schalke 04 – The DFB reacts quickly

At the annual meeting of the DFB Bundestag, the plenary assembly on which Zwanziger was elected, the DFB also implemented a new paragraph against racism and discrimination according to the new regulations of FIFA. Therefore racist and discriminating incidents caused by players, club officials and football supporters will be followed by fines, deduction of points and could even lead to an exclusion of cup competitions or relegation.

On 9th of September, in the first round of the German cup “DFB-Pokal”, Schalke and German national team player Gerald Asamoah was faced by “monley chanting” from parts of Hansa supporters during Hansa Rostock reserves vs. FC Schalke 04. On behalf of the Club, Hansas club manager Stefan Studer was outraged and apologised immediately to Asamoah for the incidents he had to suffer: We are disappointed, shocked. We are scared of people whose convictions we can’t and don’t want to understand.

After one week of investigation, the sports court of the DFB consequently sentenced Hansa Rostock to pay a fine of 20,000 Euro. Hansa Rostock reserves were additionally fined to play one game behind closed doors. Dirk Grabow, Head of Hansas managing committee said: We´ve been told that, if it would happen again, the fine could go up to 150,000 Euro. Moreover, deduction of points and relegation of our second team would also be possible.

The Club recently met fans delegates and during yesterdays 2.Bundesliga match against Kaiserslautern fans of FC Hansa Rostock did several anti-racist choreographies, while the players warmed up with shirts bearing the message Sports without discrimination. The DFB advertise against racism (done in cooperation with FARE-partner Dem Ball egal) was also screened.

German FA´s disciplinary panel investigates racist incidents during Bundesliga match Alemannia Aachen vs. Mönchengladbach

During the game parts of both sets of fans chanted racist songs about asylum seekers. The referee made to club do a tannoy announcement to stop the chants. He also said that the match would be abandoned if there were any more racist behaviour. It would have been the first time a match got abandoned in Germany because of racist chanting. Referee Weiner followed a new directive against racism by the DFB.

On its website the DFB announced to open investigations on this case.

Statement by German FARE-partners

Gerd Dembowski (Flutlicht) said: I am happy about the quick implementation of the FIFA guidelines against racism. Floodlight and BAFF offer the DFB any professional help to find an admeasurement between fines and preventional work. We congratulate the DFB to the election of Theo Zwanziger.

Martin Endemann (BAFF): It was about time that the German FA follows up its former statements by tangible deeds. We are only hoping that also the clubs and local FAs now think about new strategies of preventive work against racism in football.