Here we go!06 September 2007

UEFA Euro 2008TM fan hosting launch in Klagenfurt

The heads of the fans embassies in all Austrian EURO 2008 host cities have been in office since 1 September. Their job is to organise and coordinate the setting up and running of the fans embassies, and thus make a significant contribution to the hosting of fans and visitors during UEFA Euro 2008TM. Fans embassies follow the motto “for fans by fans” and will be ready to offer support to travelling fans in all eight host cities. They are a service point and information hub in one.

The Football Against Racism in Europe network (FARE), which is coordinated by the Austrian organisation FairPlay – vidc, has been tasked with running these activities in Switzerland and Austria by UEFA. The fans embassies are also being supported by the Austrian Federal Chancellery, the Project Organisation Swiss Authorities and the EURO host cities.

Heidi Thaler, fan work project manager at FairPlay-vidc and overall Austrian fan hosting coordinator at UEFA Euro 2008TM said:
We're really looking forward to the tasks ahead of us. The fans embassy heads are doing valuable networking between the national and international partners and already bring great expertise in working with fans. Fans are the heart of this European Championship, and that's why fan hosting has to be at the heart of this European Championship. Fans will exude exuberance, lust for life and passion in Switzerland and Austria. We want to give some back.

Austrian fans embassy heads to meet in Klagenfurt
This weekend the collaboration between the fans embassy teams and host city Klagenfurt will be consolidated. Before the unveiling of the new Wörthersee Stadium and the international between Austria and Japan the Austrian fans embassy heads and their Swiss colleagues will meet with representatives of the EURO Coordinating Office in Klagenfurt. The meeting will discuss the developments and progress in the two countries and the Austrian host cities, among other issues.

David Hudelist, head of the fans embassy in Klagenfurt has only good things to say about the working relationship with the host cities so far:
Close cooperation with the host city coordinators is essential for the organisation and running of the fans embassies and it's already going very well. To be able to work to our full potential we need the right conditions and an efficient infrastructure for the fans embassies, and the host cities have promised to deliver. If our working relationship continues to go as well as it has done the fans embassies and host cities will become the flagship of a cosmopolitan and welcoming UEFA Euro 2008TM in Austria and Switzerland.