Hijabi Ballers to host community conference in support of Muslim female athletes19 December 2018


The theme title of the conference is ‘Acknowledge. Unite. Act.’ and the event will serve as an inclusive space for community members and participants to learn about and support Muslim female athletes in Toronto, while working to broaden their opportunities.

Over 120 people are expected at the conference, at which athletes, parents, coaches, mentors, friends, allies, community leaders and change makers are invited to discuss and acknowledge their role in the sports scene for Muslim females in Toronto.

The conference aims to shine a spotlight on these advocates for Muslim women in sport and unite them with fellow industry influencers to collectively act on the common goal of increasing opportunities for Muslim females in sports.

During the conference six main sessions will take place on the day. There will be two presentations as part of the event: ‘How to be an Ally’ as a non-Muslim female in sport and a second presenting research on Inclusion in Sport in the Flemingdon area (an area with a dense Muslim population and where the conference is being held).

Workshops on mental health and its connection to physical health will also be held, while two athletes will present on their experiences as Muslim female athletes, what barriers they faced and what solutions they found.

The event takes place on 22nd December and tickets are $10USD each. You can purchase your ticket on Eventbrite at www.hijabiballers.eventbrite.ca. More details about the event including a full programme can be found here: www.hijabiballers.com/conference.

The event is funded by Fare as part of the Global Grants scheme.