Hosting of FARE General Meeting and Action Weeks launch21 June 2011

Open Call

The FARE Network will be holding its first General Meeting in October 2011. The event will be timed to take place with the launch of the annual Action Weeks. As the first meeting of this kind we are keen to offer the opportunity to host the meeting to interested parties.

The potential host could be a local or municipal authority, an NGO, fan group, a football club at any level, a national association or a professional sports body.

We will attract over 100 delegates in a meeting of the key European movement tackling discrimination in football and using the sport as a means of overcoming social exclusion. The Action Weeks represent a huge coming together of European football in a united message of inclusion.

Hosting the first FARE meeting of this kind will attract significant attention to your city and organisation and could endorse your credentials as an open and inclusive organisation.

What hosting will mean
The FARE staff team will help to organise the event centrally but will need some support from the hosts to suggest venues for the meeting, social events and ideas for the launch.

The key requirement for a host will be for you to be the contact point in the host country and support the organisation of the event.

Costs will be borne by FARE but please note that sponsorship or contribution towards additional funding for social events and technical equipment would be welcome.

How to apply
Please send a written overview addressing the following areas:

1. What sort of organisation you are – if necessary outline your membership and/or a brief background to your organisation

2. Why you would like to host the meeting and events

3. Any ideas you may have for a Weeks of Action launch event

4. Any first ideas you may have as to venue and set up of the meeting

5. Any relevant additional information

Please address your application to Piara Powar, Executive Director and send to

The deadline for applications is Monday 11 July 2011. The host will be announced by 18 July. The meeting will take place on the 14 and 15 October 2011.