Houllier threatens withdrawl over racism09 September 2003

Liverpool boss, Gerard Houllier has repeated his threat to withdraw his team off the pitch if they become subjected to racist abuse. Houllier first threatened similar action last year, when Heskey and other black Liverpool players were racially abuse during their Champions League campaign.

This latest response comes just days after Emile Heskey was subjected to racist taunts during Englands 2-1 win against Macedonia in Skopje.

“I always said one day I would do something that could get me banned.
I would be prepared to take my players off.”

“Racism is a real problem in football. It will take something spectacular – and I mean something drastic – to end this situation, so I will get my team out of there if necessary.”

“Maybe it will get me the sack but I don’t mind that risk,” said Houllier.