Human Constanta translates European Signs and Symbols guide into Russian12 February 2018


The guide was translated in partnership with the network Journalists for Tolerance to be used as a practical tool for activists and NGO volunteers, fans, journalists and the wider society to recognise discriminatory symbols in football.

It is also aimed at actively promoting the idea of ​​non-discrimination in football.

Human Constanta works to address the challenges on human rights in Belarus by defending of the rights of migrants and refugees, digital freedoms and countering discrimination in society.

The guide is part of its wider work to further inclusion and diversity in sport.

In 2017, the Minsk-based organisation ran one of highlight events of the  Football People action weeks, which consisted of a football festival in the Belarusian capital involving local teams and professional players, including AFK Malanka and FC Aūtazak, and of an anti-discrimination photo campaign named “Different and Equal” with players and other sports figures.

In addition to this, Human Constanta regularly hosts film screenings, lectures and seminars on topics of equality and anti-discrimination in different cities across the country, such as at the WatchDoc film festival in December 2017.