Human rights: the focus of the 16th edition of the Antiracist World Cup27 April 2010

We need everybody's financial support to ensure a future for this event
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BOLOGNA – Preparation for the 16th Edition of the Antiracist world cup event has been under way for some time. The event has been organised by Uisp, Progetto Ultrà and Istoreco which, like last year, will be held in the Salvador Allende park in Casalecchio di Reno, a few kilometres from Bologna, from 7 to 11 July. As usual, the event will focus on issues associated with fighting racial and gender discriminations. However, this year, also because of the violent rioting which broke out in Rosarno – a small town in the South of Italy, where last January the local population violently clashed with the immigrant community who, driven by desperation and in darkness of criminal organisations, worked in the agricultural local industry – the focus of the Antiracist World Cup will be shifted to debating the issue of “Equal rights for all”. Being fully aware that integration cannot exist without equal opportunities, the Antiracist World Cup wishes to launch a campaign aimed at extending constitutional rights to new citizens, thus negating the principles of granting the citizenship as a blood right and promoting instead the implementation of ius soli, which grants automatic citizenship to anyone who is born in that country.

A first meeting with the groups of associations which are involved with organising the Antiracist World Cup has already been held at the Uisp Emilia Romagna premises last 26 March. Another meeting has been planned for the 28 April at 6pm, also at Uisp premises of via Riva di Reno 75/3 in Bologna. The March event has clearly highlighted the requirement to develop a few, clear debates on the issues of ius soli, access to sport for all, gender and associated discriminations and on the way forward to allow fans to “take football back”, avoiding sport from becoming affected by ruthless financial and political interests.

From the 15 April, anyone wishing to attend the event can only register from the Antiracist World Cup ( and will be asked to give their personal contribution to developing these issues by producing material and gathering information on their daily commitment to fighting discriminations. This request comes alongside a second, more material request. The financial downturn which has led to substantial cuts in funds from event sponsors, as well as the debt built up in the 2009 edition due to the extremely violent thunderstorms which hit Allende park and caused huge damages to the event structures, stopping the public from attending the event at night, could jeopardise the future of this historic international antiracist event. It is therefore paramount that all groups wishing to attend the Antiracist World Cup immediately start a fund collecting campaign to support the event. The World Cup is and will always be a non commercial event: the tournament and the concerts will continue to be free and, to comply with the decision made on the 26 March, the cost of food and drinks will not be raised. However, to ensure a future for this event, we need everyone’s support. The Antiracist World Cup is at risk and unfortunately this year our democratic approach to attending the event will also require a small donation from each of you.
(Vittorio Martone)