Hungarian FARE group shocked over racist Roma murder11 March 2009

On Tuesday March 3rd thousands of people attended the funeral of Robert Csorba and his son Robika, who were killed when trying to flee their house that someone had set on fire.

The 27-year old Roma agricultural labourer and his 5 year old son were allegedly shot dead by racists. Two children were also injured in the blaze in Tatarszentgyorgy, a village 40 miles southeast of Budapest. The recent killings are the culmination of several attacks on Roma in the past year.

In a statement issued by the Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organisation, partner of the FARE Network in Hungary, Gibril Deen said that:
“Underlying racism seems to burst out as economical conditions in the country are getting worst. Remembering the thousands of Roma that perished in the Nazi concentration camps, some fear that a new Roma Holocaust is on the way. In this sad situation NGOs, politicians and public personalities condemn the attacks and urge police and government to take action. Action must begin at the root of the problem”.

Gambian-born Gibril Deen has recently been appointed by the Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ) to be a member of the minority committee. Members of the MLSZ minority committee, including the Roma representative Rostás Farkas, attended the funeral and strongly condemned the attack.

The Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organisation stated:
“It is high time to intensify anti-racism actions in the stadiums and outside. In this sense, besides the ongoing Football against Racism campaign, our organisation plans to restart the Tolerance Campaign in high schools as we believe that youth is the key to fighting racism”.

In Eastern Europe, Hungary has one of the largest Roma communities, also known as Gypsies, making up 5-7% of the total population of 10 million.