Incidents list reported to Fare during December 201601 January 2017

The following incidents of racism, xenophobia, extreme nationalism or homophobia have been reported to Fare during December 2016. This list is only likely to reflect a proportion of the incidents that occurred.

All reports have been brought to Fare’s attention through eyewitness or media accounts. A Fare observer scheme is also currently in place at UEFA Champions and Europa League and FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia preliminary competition to monitor discriminatory behaviour.

Fare has third party reporting status with UEFA, and FIFA on international matches, and at a national level we can support incident reports made by our members.

The general public can keep us informed of national and international level incidents through the reporting form here.

03 December 2016 – División de Honor Juvenil: Cordoba CF U19 v Goyu-Ryu U19

A group of supporters from Cordoba use pejorative slurs to discriminate against players from Goyu-Ryu youth team calling them Moors and immigrants.

03 December 2016 – La Liga: FC Barcelona v Real Madrid C.F.

Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo was subjected to homophobic abuse by a section of the Barcelona fans.

06 December 2016 – Serie A: SS Lazio Roma v AS Roma

Lazio Roma player Senad Lulic racially insulted AS Roma player Antoine Rudiger in a post-match interview.

06 December 2016 – UEFA Champions League: Dynamo Kyiv v Beşiktaş

A number of Dynamo Kyiv supporters displayed a flag featuring far-right symbols.

A report was sent to UEFA for action.

06 December 2016 – Barking FC

Barking FC produced a sexist poster to announce a member’s only event hosted by the club.

08 December 2016 – UEFA Europa League: APOEL v Olympiacos

A group of APOEL supporters displayed a flag featuring a styled emblem of the Nazi SS Totenkopf division.

A report was sent to UEFA for action.

08 December 2016 – UEFA Europa League: Viktoria Plzeň v Austria Wien

A fan group from Austria Wien displayed a flag featuring neo-Nazi symbols.

A report was sent to UEFA for action.

07 December 2016 – Nigerian Football Federation (NFF)

The Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) addressed the discriminatory and unfair treatment of the Nigerian women’s national team by the Nigerian government as well as the NFF in a petition at the UN Working Group.

The complaint is based on the refusal of both parties to pay the women’s team the bonuses and allowances after winning the Africa Cup.

08 December 2016 – Ivan Bulos

Peruvian footballer Ivan Bulos recounted racist abuse experience as a player for O’Higgins in Chile, reason for which he left the club.

10 December 2016 ­ – Yussuf Basigi

Yussuf Basigi, Ghana women’s national team coach, made homophobic statements to media by claiming that lesbianism happens in women’s football and is a worrying problem worldwide. He also asked his players to refrain form such behaviour.

16 December 2016 – UEFA Europa League: Olympiacos v Osmanlispor

A group of Olympiacos fans displayed a Confederate flag and chanted xenophobic anti-Turkish chants.

A report was sent to UEFA for action.

25 December 2016 ­ – José Ramon Fernandez

TV presenter José Ramon Fernandez refereed to the referee of Jorge Isaac Romo in a discriminatory way while commenting on his performance at Tigres UANL vs Club América..

Social Media

Instagram: James Norwood – Tranmere Rovers

Tranmere Rovers player John Norwood posted a ‘blacked up’ picture at the club’s Christmas party.

In response to the incident, Tranmere Rovers announced the entire team will have to take part in a equality and diversity workshop.

Twitter: Arsenal fan

Arsenal player Alex Iwobi was racially abused on Twitter after the match Everton v Arsenal.

Twitter: Barking FC following

Barking FC blocked a supporter for reporting the club’s sexist “gentlemen’s evening”.

Twitter: Paris Saint Germain

Paris Saint Germain posted a photo a video on Twitter of their fans singing homophobic slurs at a match against OGC Nice.


England FA: Jonjo Shelvey – Newcastle United

Newcastle United player Jonjo Shelvey was handed a five-match ban and a £100,000 fine for racially abusing Wolverhampton Wonderers player Romain Saiss during a match between both teams on 17 September. Shelvey was also ordered to attend an English Football Association course and told to issue a public apology.

FIFA: Chile, Romania, Honduras, Greece, Argentina, Colombia, Panama and Mexico

FIFA sanctioned several national football associations for discriminatory, homophobic and sexist incidents by spectators during 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. Chile has been sanctioned with a ban on playing at the Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos in Santiago for two official matches and fined CHF 30,000. Romania has been sanctioned with a ban on playing at the Arena Națională in Bucharest for two matches and fined CHF 95,000.  Honduras has been sanctioned with a ban on playing at the Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula for one match and fined CHF 40,000. Greece (CHF 80,000), Argentina (CHF 30,000), Colombia (CHF 25,000), Panama (CHF 25,000) and Mexico (CHF 20,000) were handed a fine.

FIFA: Ukraine

Ukraine has been fined CHF 60,000 for discriminatory chants by fans during the Ukraine v Serbia friendly.

Manchester Magistrates’ Court: Individual Manchester City fan

A Manchester City fan received a five-year ban on attending home and away matches of Manchester City as well as England matches. The fan racially abused Queens Park Rangers footballer Anton Ferdinand as well as Queens Park Rangers captain Ji-Sung Park. The fan must also do 250 hours’ unpaid work as part of a 12-month community order, and pay £85 in costs.

Ukraine FA: Vitaly Kvartsyany – FC Volyn

Head coach of FC Volyn received a three-match ban for sexist comments made to referee Catherine Monzul.

Union of Costa Rica First Division football clubs (UNAFUT): Carlos Waston

Carlos Waston, director of Deportivo Saprissa, was sanctioned with a 400 million Colones fine by UNAFUT after accusing the institution of being hypocritical about their policy of dealing with racism and discrimination.

Washington University: Washington University men team

Washington University in St. Louis suspended its men’s soccer team for sexist and degrading comments made by the players towards there female counterparts in an online document from 2015.