Incidents list reported to Fare during January 201701 February 2017

The following incidents of racism, xenophobia, extreme nationalism or homophobia have been reported to Fare during January 2017. This list is only likely to reflect a proportion of the incidents that occurred.

All reports have been brought to Fare’s attention through eyewitness or media accounts. A Fare observer scheme is also currently at place at UEFA club competitions to monitor discriminatory behaviour.

Fare has third party reporting status with UEFA, and FIFA on international matches, and at a national level we can support incident reports made by our members.

The general public can keep us informed of national and international level incidents through the reporting form here.

05 January 2017 – Polish III Liga: ŁKS Łódź

A group of ŁKS Łódź fans distributed White Pride calendars to children.

08 January 2017 – French Coupe de France: Toulouse Football Club v Olympique de Marseille

Homophobic chants performed by Olympique de Marseille fans.

A Toulouse fan also reported homophobic death threats.

12 January 2017 – Spanish La Liga: Sevilla FC v Real Madrid

A group of 1000 fans from the Sevilla FC ultra group Biris Norte made sexist and misogynist chants targeting Real Madrid Segio Ramos and his club throughout the match.

15 January 2017 – Spanish Galician First League: Marcón Atlético v San Martín Vilaxoan

A group of Marcón Atlético fans racially abused San Martín de Vilaxoán Colombian player Carlos Arturo Sánchez.

20 January 2017 – French Ligue 1: Bastia v Nice

Nice player Mario Balotelli was subjected to monkey noises performed by Bastia fans.

The French Football League have opened an investigation into the incident.

20 January 2017 – Spanish Primera Andaluza Senior: CD Torredelcampo v CD Vilches

The match lineswoman was subjected to sexist abuse.

The Spanish Referee’s Union have reported the incident.

21 January 2017 – English Premier League: Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur

Mobile footage emerged of anti-Semitic chants filmed on a tram from Manchester city centre to the Etihad Campus shortly before the match kicked off.

21 January 2017 – Arsenal FC: Granit Xhaka

Arsenal FC Granit Xhaka allegedly called a racist slur to a British Airways staff at Heathrow Airport.

22 January 2017 – Dutch Eredivisie: Sparta Rotterdam v FC Utrecht

FC Utrecht fans chanted anti-Semitic song during the match.

24 January 2017 – Nacional de Montevideo

Twenty players of the Uruguayan club Nacional de Montevideo report acts of gender-based harassment from their coach.

28 January 2017 – Spanish Youth League: Ranillas B v Helios A

Referee Mamadou Sow was racially abused and physically threatened by two fathers of Ranillas players.

The police arrested the two men.

29 January 2017 – Spanish Segunda División B: Real Jaén v Córdoba C.F. B

A group of Real Jaén fans racially abused Córdoba B player Mahora Touré.

The referee reported the incident for action.

29 January 2017 – Spanish Primera Regional Galicia: Atlético de Riveira v SD Fisterra

Atlético de Riveira Senegalese player Madiop was subjected to racist abuse by fans at the stadium.

30 January 2017 – Italian Junior League: Ardenza v Castiglioncello

Ardenza player Alessandro Mantovani racially and physically abused a Gambian player from Castiglioncello. The player received medical treatment in the hospital.

Social Media

Twitter: River Plate fan

A fan of River Plate made a racist tweet directed at the Brazilian club Vasco da Gama.

Twitter: 2017 Africa Cup of Nations

A number of racist posts emerged on Twitter during matches between North African and Sub-Saharan countries.


Bastia: supporter

Bastia have handed a stadium ban to a supporter in relation to the racist abuse aimed at Nice striker Mario Balotelli on 20 January 2017.

French court: Chelsea fans 

Four Chelsea football fans have been convicted of racist violence and given suspended prison sentences after a black commuter was pushed off a Paris Métro carriage in Paris in February 2015.

Galician Football Federation: Marcón Atlético

The Football Federation of Galicia ordered the stadium closure of Marcón Atlético and imposed a €301 fine for their fans racism against San Martín de Vilaxoán Colombian player Carlos Arturo Sánchez.


UEFA Disciplinary Committee have handed a €30,000 fine and a 1,000 seat restriction of APOEL GSP stadium over a racist banner displayer at a Europa League match on 08 December 2016.