Incidents reported to FARE during June 201302 July 2013

The following list of incidents of racism, xenophobia, extreme nationalism or homophobia have been reported to FARE during June 2013. This may not be a full list and is only likely to reflect a proportion of the incidents that occurred.

All reports have been brought to FARE’s attention through eye- witness or media accounts. FARE has third party reporting status with UEFA and FIFA on international matches, and at a national level we can support incident reports made by members or national partners.

02 June 2013 – Argentina: Gimnasia y Tiro v Deportivo Maipú
After a quarter-final match, in the Argentinian B Nacional league, the Deportivo Maipú staff made derogatory remarks towards the home team supporters by saying “Bolivian, Bolivian you will not get in our ground”. In Argentina, the Bolivian and Paraguayan communities are often targeted with these types of incidents as a sign of abuse towards the immigrant’s identity.

04 June 2013 – FIFA Friendly match – Hong Kong v Philippines
The Hong Kong fans called their Filipino counterparts “slaves”, threw bottles at them and booed their national anthem during a FIFA friendly match.

Details of the incident were passed to FIFA for action.

07 June 2013 – FIFA World Cup qualifier – Moldova v Poland
During the FIFA World Cup qualifying match, the Polish fans displayed the Confederate flag, which is used in Polish stadiums as a contemporary sign of racism and it is on the list of symbols prohibited by the Polish FA.

Details of the incident were passed to FIFA for action.