Inclusive zones to promote the 'Respect Diversity' message in Poland and Ukraine17 April 2012

To help create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere during Euro 2012, hundreds of sites across Poland and Ukraine will be designated as ‘Inclusive Zones’.

Respect Diversity
The aim of this initiative, which is being managed by FARE's Eastern European partner, Never Again and being funded as part of UEFA's Respect Diversity programme of activities, is to create spaces that are open, accessible and welcoming to all fans regardless of their ethnic origin, national background, gender, disability or sexual orientation. The Inclusive Zones will include public buildings, such as schools, sports centres, community centres and cultural institutions alongside private buildings such as shops, pubs and businesses. The first site to sign up to the scheme was the Irish Embassy in Warsaw.

Zones highly visible
Each of the zones will be visible to fans through the display of an 'inclusive Zone' poster and as part of the initiative each site involved will receive specially designed materials and information about on-going anti-discrimination activities before, during and after EURO 2012. It is hoped that through participation in this project each building will become part of a broad and lasting anti-discrimination network.

Festive Atmosphere
Mobile Fan Zones will also help to promote the Inclusive Zones and the Respect Diversity message during EURO 2012, both in and beyond the host cities. Throughout the duration of the tournament, five special trucks under the heading ‘Fan City Tour’ will visit around 100 cities and towns across Poland. The Mobile Fan Zones will help contribute to a festive atmosphere through public viewing of the games, community events and educational activities. Around 200,000 people are expected to take part. Inclusive Zones will also be promoted at the main Fan Zones , which will be located in all EURO 2012 host cities as well as in Krakow.

For more information on RESPECT Diversity Inclusive Zones contact Never Again:
phone: +48 507166196