Be inspired, be one of the 100,00001 August 2016


Last year over 2,000 activities were organised in more than 60 countries. With over 100,000 people directly involved the Football People weeks are the biggest social campaign of its kind in European sport.

A small grants programme has been launched to help short-term and small-scale interventions during the Football People period.

Get creative and be an inspiration
Support of up to €500 is available for grassroots activities looking to address discrimination and promote social inclusion through football, celebrate diversity, further the empowerment of women and ethnic minorities through football, foster refugee inclusion.

It is possible create change through ideas and innovation. Get involved and inspire those around you.

The Football People small grants benefit over 250 grassroots groups across Europe every year. Organisations can apply for a grant between 01 August and 06 September. Interventions must be held during the two-weeks of the campaign.

The Fare action weeks will run between 06 and 20 October.

In a nutshell:

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