International Centre for Sports Studies to host roundtable on racism in football21 February 2018

TheInternationalCentreforSportsStudies(CIES),alongwith heDepartmentofMulticulturalCohesionandtheForum‘Alldifferentallequal’,arehostingaroundtableonracisminfootballon22MarchinNeuchâtel,Switzerland.

The event, named “Football: an instrument in the fight against racism?, aims to better understand causes behind the problem and solutions to combat racism in football through the expertise and experience of an international panel of speakers and attendees.

They will discuss best practice implemented by sports organisations and governing bodies to tackle the problem. They will also demonstrate, through concrete examples, how football can be a powerful and effective instrument to tackle racism in the wider society and promote social inclusion.

Speakers include: Christian Karembeu (former French international footballer, 1998 World Cup winner and UEFA ambassador), Guillaume Hoarau (French international footballer, BSC Young Boys Switzerland), Patrick Gasser (Head of Football and Social Responsibility at UEFA), Raffaele Poli (Head of the CIES Football Observatory) and Thomas Busset (Scientific Collaborator at CIES).

The evening will end with a special question and answer session between the audience and invited guest speakers. The working language of the event will be French.

This event is part of the Neuchâtel Action Week against Racism, which runs from 18th to 30th March 2018.

Attendance is free. To register send an email to: