Italian Ministry of Labour and CONI strengthen partnership on immigrants’ inclusion12 February 2015


The new initiative, announced on 4 February at the CONI headquarters, will work across different areas stressing key values on inclusion and sport in schools, communities and sporting organisations.

The initiative is part of the CONI and Ministry of Labour wider campaign ‘Fratelli di Sport’, focused on the development of inclusive policies to promote a unified society and foster integration.

Giovanni Malagò, president of CONI, said: “This a project that is close to my heart. Through this process we want to achieve equal access to sport.”

In 2015, the activities will include an educational campaign to raise awareness of the Fratelli di Sport manifesto; the promotion of policies to improve the equal access and practice of sport; and the share of good practice around the subject through projects working with immigrants and sport.

“We want to energetically create a sense of community, enhance the sense of responsibility and remove the obstacles that limit the full participation of immigrants in sport.” said the Italian minister of Labour and Social Policies Giuliano Poletti.

At the launching event, the Italian athletes Bencosme Jose De Leon, Ivan Mach Di Palmstein, Jean Jacques Nkouloukidi and Kevin Ojiaku shared their experiences in sport as descent of immigrants.

gli atleti gialloverdi con il presidente del coni malag il ministro poletti e le altre autorit presenti