Keeper in Denmark gets sacked for homophobia04 November 2009

The Danish first division club FC Midtjylland (FCM) have sacked their keeper Arek Onyszko, according to a club press release. The action comes after homophobic remarks in a new book from the keeper called “Fucking Polish”. In the book the keeper states:

I hate gays. I really do. I think it is fucking disgusting. It is disgusting to hear them talk. Like they are girls. I cannot sit down with someone who is gay. To see them kiss each other. It is so disgusting. I've never met a gay in a football team. It is not possible.

In the book Onyszko also tells of how he admires Hells Angels and how he refuses to talk to female sports journalists.

Only 3 months ago, Arek Onyszko was sacked by his former club Odense Boldklub after he was convicted for beating up his girlfriend.

FC Midtjylland write in their press release:

We thought we did the right thing when we offered him a second chance this summer. Everybody should get a second chance after they have been punished. But now we feel he has abused our trust. The book is a long line of opinions which are incompatible with being a part of FC Midtjylland