Largest Online Stadium supports FARE28 June 2006

The designers of the website, Floyd, Miri, Eylem and Dali take the motto of the World Cup “A time to make friends” seriously. Too many fans find themselves at closed doors, they didn't get tickets. The Largest Online Stadium invites them for free to take place in the stadium.

Register, create an image and search a place. Then the platform can be used for exchange with other fans. There is also the possibility to upload images, photos and videos, to play games and to post in the forum. Meanwhile the community grew up to more than 59.000 fans. The aim is to gather more fans in the Online Stadium than in the Olimpic Stadium in Berlin on 10 July.

Regrettably there was an attempt to use the largest online stadium for right-wing propaganda. A “fan” registered several times and placed his figures in the form of a swastika on the tribune. These figures had been deleted immediately by the webdesigners.

It is a matter of course for the webdesigners of to support the FARE network. Floyd, Miri, Eylem and Dali make a statement that racism has no place in football neither in the largest online stadium.