Legia Warsaw join 'Never Again' in action in defence of African players in Poland21 July 2009

On 18th July “NEVER AGAIN” Association coorganized a friendly game
between African players from Polish Leagues and CWKS Legia Warszawa.

The reason for organising this match was a racist incident that happened on
the last game of Legia (some of their supporters are well known because of racist
flags and banners often displayed on the stadium), when an African
player was abused by fans of Legia.

Multicultural football party
After this racist incident, leaders of different fan groups proposed to organise a
friendly match with a multicultural party after the game. At the stadium, there were
representatives of the Polish Football Association, Ministry of Sport and
the Minister of Equality – Elzbieta Radziszewska

Ministerial Support
Ms Radziszewska declared support for the Never Again campaign, by organising a nation wide conference on combating racism and other forms of discrimination,
during the FARE Action Week 2009. The players played in t-shirts with the logo of the
campaign “Let's Kick Racism out of Stadiums”