Let’s get fan instruments back into Italian stadiums!26 April 2007

Sign up Progetto Ultrà’s online petition against the new regulations in Italian stadiums!


Following the latest special law against football violence (law 41/2007), the Osservatorio sulle Manifestazione Sportive – the responsible body for security around Italian football and sports – applied a regulation prohibiting all banners, flags, drums and other fan-paraphernalia in stadiums. All fans and fan groups now have to request permission to the public authorities one week before the game in order to introduce and display a banner/flag, and then wait for Police authorization.

This regulation complies with the first draft of the special law, dating back to the days following the incidents in Catania, but not with the final law that was approved by the Parliament in April.
The law now prohibits only banners inciting violence and racism, not all banners and fan-paraphernalia. Still, the Osservatorio did not and does not seem to be willing to change its regulations.

We believe that preventing violence in stadiums has nothing to do with prohibiting banners, flags and all other instruments that have traditionally characterized Italian football fan culture.
That’s the reason we’ve launched a petition in order to put pressure on the Osservatorio to change its regulations on this matter.
On one hand we’re getting politicians and Parliamentarians to sign the petition. On the other we believe that the support of all citizens, whether football fans and ultras or not, through an online petition, is needed to get this senseless regulation out of the way.
Make your voice be heard, help us to get the word through and forward this to all those who might be interested. Support the petition!

You can access the petition at: