Let's Kick Racism Out of Israeli Football campaign season report 2009/1023 June 2010

In 2009/10, the KIO Israel campaign greatly increased educational efforts, including for the first time, a series of public events in Israel's major cities with major Jewish and Arab stars and Jewish and Arab youth to discuss racism. The campaign observed that there has been a 175% increase of educational activities by the clubs themselves over the past two years, and a 32% increase in fans condemning the racist behaviour of their fellow fans.

However, major cause for concern was that in 2009/10 there was a 47% increase in racist incitement and 24% rise in violent acts at matches in Israel's Premier League, after three consecutive seasons of falls. In part, this is explained by the increase in the number of teams in Israel's Premier League from 12 to 16 and the inevitable tensions caused by the fact that two of them are Arab based teams – Bnei Sakhnin and Maccabi Ahi Nazareth.

FC Ashdod won this year's KIO/Israel FA award for the most exemplary Israeli fans. Ashdod's fans were not involved in a single racist or violent incident, and the club's management must also be commended for nurturing this positive atmosphere.

In contrast, Betar Jerusalem's fans were once again the most racist and violent, followed by Maccabi Tel Aviv and Bnei Sakhnin. Betar and Maccabi's fans together were responsible for 87% of the 91 recorded racist incidents.

At the end of season, KIO Israel met with Deputy State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan to review the campaign's report. Nitzan instructed the police to fully enforce the Law against Racism and Violence in Sport and promised to continue to follow up on that issue.