LGBT football tournament to promote tolerance and diversity in Israel10 February 2014


The first “Football State Pride Tournament” is being organised by the Fare member organisation Football State, with the collaboration of national-level politicians, public figures and high-profile players, who will champion the fight against LGBT discrimination.

The grassroots organisation’s gay club “Rainball Tel-Aviv”, who in the past competed in international LGBT tournaments, will participate in the initiative along with other gay and lesbian players.

Four teams of eight-a-side players will be chosen on the evening of the event to play in a round robin competition, with each player wearing a jersey with anti-homophobia slogans.

The matches will be played without a referee to ensure players are responsible for their actions and behaviour in respecting the opposing teams. The practice is recurrent in the organisation’s championships, aiming through this to promote tolerance, non-violence, respect and personal responsibility.

The initiative is open to the public and free to attend.

Football State 2013 Action Weeks initiative

Football State 2013 Action Weeks initiative