LICRA calls for inquiry into French quotas to be widened12 May 2011

As two inquiries into the quota affair by the French Sports Ministry and French FA reported on Tuesday, LICRA say they are disappointed by the focus of the investigations and the public debate since the story was first revealed by the Mediapart website.

A spokesperson for the French FARE partner said yesterday, “In our view the debate has been incorrectly framed. The question is not whether Laurent Blanc is a racist or not, but if there was the intention to have an orchestrated discrimination policy inside French football.

“Our hope was that this case would help to throw a light on issues and practices that were hidden. The investigations did not deal with the possible discriminatory practices in the training centers of professional teams, it didn’t deal with the recurrence of racist statements in the National Technical Direction meetings which led Mohamed Belkacemi to record the meeting of November 8.

“LICRA notices a denial of racist acts every week, in regional and departmental entities of amateur football. But instead of talking about these problems, a veil has been put on the debate.

“LICRA believes that football has more assets than any other social activity because it enables anyone to access it and offers a genuine social mix. LICRA will stay in alert regarding the future of this case and hopes that reforms that are being taken by French FA and the future elections at the FFF may help to lift the veil on these taboos.”