Match suspended in Brazil due to homophobic chanting, a first for the country27 August 2019


The incident occurred 18 minutes into the second half of a match between Vasco da Gama and Sao Paulo in Brazil’s Campeonato Brasileirao (Brazilian Championship), and resulted in the game being halted by referee Anderson Daronco.

Daronco decided to stop the game after home fans were heard singing “time de viados” – ‘team of f—–s’, to players from São Paulo. The game stopped for a few minutes until the offensive chanting stopped. Vasco coach Vanderlei Luxembourg also had to ask fans to cease their insults.

The develop is a landmark moment for Brazilian football and sets a true precedent at the top level. Although these situations are usually notified and punished according to the regulations of the respective competition, this is the first time such an incident has led to the halting of a game.

The Brazilian Superior Court of Sports Justice has vowed to take action.