Meeting in Colorno sets dates for launch of SAVEit learning tools13 June 2018

ThethirdmeetingofSAVEitbroughtpartnerstoColorno,Italy,todiscusstheprojectanditsdeliverables.Themeetingwasheld inthe ThroneRoomofthe Ducal PalaceofColorno,hometotheworld renownedItalianculinaryschoolALMA, andorganisedbyRugbyColorno.

The opening speech was made by the club’s President Cosetta Falavigna, who welcomed partners to the 18th century palace and to the city and highlighted the club’s work in the community over the past season.

The first day saw partners present their work and recent outcomes. They also looked at the interim project report, which serves as a guide to a quality external evaluation on the project.

The deadlines for the launch of the SAVEit toolkit, video game and e-learning platform were set also on the first day. The project’s three key deliverables will be launched at the end of July and aim to inform coaches and sport providers, as well as parents, on how to share positive values through sport, while engaging youth through new learning tools.

Seville-based Fundación Altum talked partners through the project’s implementation and testing of the learning tools, which will assess and evaluate the impact of the training sessions held between March and June 2018.

Up for debate was the extension of the project for six months, which partners agreed to – upon approval of the European Union – to better assess its impact.

On the second day, updates were made on administrative and financial procedures.

Clube Desportivo Panther Force Gaia will be up next sharing the project and its methodology at the weekend’s Youth Cup in Vila Real, Portugal. The group has also been testing a new guide designed for parents that involves the self-assessment of their conduct around their children’s games.

SAVEit is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and is a collaborative work between a consortium of organisations with extensive work in education, sport and social development tackling discrimination and prejudice.