Metz fans arrested for displaying Anti-Nazi-Banner: FARE network calls for clarification26 October 2010

On Friday 22nd October, during the French 2nd League match between FC Metz vs. SCO Angers, four Metz fans were arrested and kept in custody for displaying a “GEGEN NAZIS” (Against Nazis) flag in the stadium.
They are due to be tried by a French Court in November for “displaying a nazi symbol during a football game”
The four fans are member of Horda Frenetik , a very active fan group, working to challenge racism for over 13 years. Horda Frenetik is supporting the FARE network and is one of the most active fan clubs working against racism in France.
The reasoning behind the action by FC Metz and the French Ministry of Justice remain unknown, the FARE Network has called for the proceedings to be brought to a halt and the misinterpretation cleared up. French partner Licra (League Against Racism and anti- Semitism) has challenged the Prosecutors office to explain the rationale.