Mexican football matches could be abandoned if the ‘puto’ chant persists20 July 2017


In a press release published on Wednesday 19 July, the league wrote: “Liga MX/Ascenso MX informs that the article 63 and 62 of LIGA Bancomer MX and ASCENSO Bancomer MX respective regulation, both regarding the suspension of matches over racist and discriminatory incidents, has been part of our regulation since the 2014-15 season, when is was first recommended by FIFA.

“Regarding the ‘ehhh puto’ chant, we want to make clear that to enforce the above mentioned protocol it is necessary to determine if the chant is considered discriminatory or not, if considered so, the referee, supported by the match Commissioner, can put it into effect.”

The move represents a new effort made by Mexican football authorities to stop and sanction the homophobic chant and follows a call made by the Mexican Football Federation (FEMEXFUT) in June for their fans to stop the chanting at matches of the 2018 Confederations Cup, played in Russia.

Mexican football authorities have been criticised for their lack of action to prevent the chant and educate fans.

Despite an initial success in refraining the chanting at the Confederations Cup, media reports have suggested that the anti-gay chant has been sang by Mexico supporters at the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup, currently undergoing in the United States.

‘Ehh puto’ is a homophobic chant usually directed at the opposition goalkeeper when he is taking a goal kick. In the football context it is used as a pejorative and homophobic chant, referring to gay men in a derogatory way. The practice is listed and explained in the Global Guide to Discriminatory Practices in Football launched by Fare in June.

It was first reported by Fare to FIFA in 2014 during matches of Mexico at the Brazil World Cup.

In 2015, Fare and FIFA launched a collaboration to monitor incidents of discrimination at the qualifiers of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Since its start Mexico have fined eight times because of the homophobic chanting.