Mexican women’s league denies allegations of infringing players rights27 July 2017


The contractual restrictions have created a media storm ahead of the launch of the league, scheduled for 28 July, with allegations that the players have been asked to sign a pledge not to get pregnant while under contract and imposes a ban on homosexuality.

La Jornada quotes a player who has been offered a contract who told them that contracted players should also refrain from public demonstrations “of excessive affection” or from “seeming too masculine”.

In response to the allegations the LIGA MX Femenil have issued statement denying the existence of the regulations:

“In no article of the bylaws of the Mexican Football Federation, or Regulation of Competition of the LIGA MX Femenil or of any of the other professional divisions, are there clauses that limit the sexual preferences, religion, or that discriminate in any way the right of being part of the competitions organised by this institution.

“This way, in the regulation of competition it is established the medical conditions that must be met for the registration of any player. It should be noted that at no point pregnancy is mentioned as a reason for a club to disregard its responsibilities.

“All registered players (as it happens with male players in the different competitions of the LIGA MX/ASCENSO MX) must have medical insurance, which is be provided by the club.

“The LIGA MX Femenil was created out of the need to recognise the value of women in our society and their great contribution to sport, especially football. As any new category within federated football, the LIGA MX Femenil is in development and over time will show its growth in all aspects.

“Based on the basic principles of competition and its regulations, it is a priority of the LIGA MX/ASCENSO MX and the LIGA MX Femenil to respect at all times the equality of gender, diversity and above all to the integrity of the people.”

In a similar move, the Mexican professional league team Club América also issued a statement with assurances that their contracts meet the requirements set out in the law.

“Club América emphasise that we do not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, physical or economic condition, or for any other reason, and confirm that all contracts of the female players, as well as all other players in our different categories and employees of the club, fully respect the rights and obligations established by the Federal Labor Law.”