Mexico fans pledge to stop homophobic abuse after FA call22 June 2017


A group of Mexico fans met ahead of the match in the surroundings of the Sochi Fisht stadium to take a stand against the chant, with some carrying a banner of a FMF statement reading: “As you know, FIFA is very serious about the chanting that we do when the goalkeeper takes a kick, and the possible sanctions are serious,

“Our efforts on the pitch will come to nothing if, because of this (behaviour), we lose the match, the game is suspended or you are expelled from the stadium.

“We lose, you lose, everyone loses.”

The move comes after FIFA warned Mexico about “insulting and discriminatory chants from a small group of fans” at the Confederations Cup Portugal v Mexico, reported by Fare observers, and said it could take further action if it happens again.

Mexico have already been fined eight times during World Cup qualifying because of homophobic chanting.

The ‘Puto’ chant is a  homophobic chant usually directed at the opposition goalkeeper when he is taking a goal kick. In the football context it is used as a pejorative and homophobic chant, referring to gay men in a derogatory way. The practice is listed and explained in the Global Guide to Discriminatory Practices in Football launched by Fare last week.