Mondiali 2007 kicks off!13 July 2007

The Mondiali Antirazzisti 2007, or Anti-Racist World Cup, kicked off yesterday at a new venue in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna). More than 8,000 people from over 50 countries will celebrate a great festival over the next few days.

Mondiali Antirazzisti 2007

The Mondiali Antirazzisti is a non-commercial, international small-side football tournament against racism and discrimination that was first held in 1997. It is organised by the Italian FARE partners Progetto Ultra and UISP in association with the history institute Istoreco and is the biggest event of its kind in the world. After ten years in Montefiorino and Montecchio, the Mondiali Antirazzisti is being held at the Salvador Allende Sport Center in Casalecchio for the first time.

More than just football

Besides the football tournament, which this year has attracted 204 teams (of which 2/3 are mixed) and other sports events, such as basketball, volleyball and cricket, there are a host of other offerings. On the Piazza Antirazzista (Anti-racist Square), groups taking part will display material informing about their activities. The square will also stage podium discussions and exhibitions.

On Friday evening, in particular, it will again be time to take a break from all the football and savour some special moments designed to show that the Mondiali Antirazzisti is not simply about football! Everyone is invited to take part in the workshops and initiatives and enjoy the atmosphere of our annual parade around the festival site. Other events being staged at the Mondiali include various workshops, a film festival, podium discussions, lots of concerts, conversations with surviving Italian partisans and a visit to the site of the Marzabotto massacre.

FARE at the Mondiali

Lost of FARE partners will be attending the Mondiali. A FARE team will take part in the tournament and all participants and visitors are invited to visit our stand for information on the network and its activities.

Support from FIFA

Thanks to the support of FIFA and its Football for Hope programme the organisers have been able to fund the travel costs of several teams, especially from eastern Europe, thus giving them the opportunity to take part in the Mondiali and present their projects.