Mondiali Antirazzisti 2009 starts today!08 July 2009

This week will see more than six thousand footballers from all corners of the globe travel to Italy for one of the world's largest football festivals.

The Mondiali Antirazzisti, translating as 'Anti-racism World Cup', attracts hundreds of teams to a 5 a- side footballing carnival where fans, anti-racism campaigners, youth groups, students and ex-professionals come together in a symbolic stand against racism and discrimination.

The long running tournament (see also the Mondiali – section on this page) includes some news and modifications, based on the experiences of the last tournaments. The following is the official statement of organizers Progetto Ultra, UISP, Istoreco

“Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to the Mondiali Antirazzisti 2009!
The Antiracist World Cup is special this year. We’ve had a lot of discussions and meetings in preparation for the Mondiali 2009, in many cities and with various groups, in order to develop new strategies and draw a clear line. The issue is simple: we can’t tolerate that women don’t feel safe, secure and at ease at the Mondiali.

Throughout these years we managed to get rid of racism amongst us, turn down the level of competitiveness and aggressiveness, contribute to give birth to exciting new projects and initiatives. Today it’s time to add another fundamental element to our set of values: our no to sexism. Yes, this strange and uncommon word that still remains rather blurry for a lot of people. We will definitely focus on it during the Mondiali.

The Antiracist World Cup and the way we live it are meant to be a reflection of the world we dream of, not a mirror of the often disgusting society we’re currently living in!
Being a man or a woman, having a different sexual orientation, just like the country one comes from, should never affect one’s right to happiness. We want to celebrate, play sports and develop a better future: and we want to do it together. There’s no room for those who are here for the wrong reasons!

War, hunger, exploitation, environmental destruction, racist laws meant to protect the security of the richest countries are only a few examples from a long list of disasters that the world is facing. The most powerful countries who are responsible for this will be meeting in L’Aquila from 8 to 10 July for the so-called G8.
In order to send out a strong signal against the G8, the football tournament will be put off on Friday 10 July. We will be playing the first matches on Thursday, then Saturday the tournament will be on at full schedule.

The Antiracist World Cup is a non-competitive tournament. We play with the other team, not against them: winning is not the big deal. And let’s play by our own rules: the most important points are those you can obtain by bringing your poster to the Antiracist Square! (see the tournament rules).

In the big tent of the Antiracist Square you will find on show documentation that the teams bring to explain their social activities. First-hand accounts, debates and exhibitions will also be organised there. A special space will be dedicated to the Rainbow Area, which will focus on gender issues through workshops and interactive debates.
Other cultural activities will be held in the UISP tent – labelled STAND UP for 2009 -, at the Kalakuta (formerly known as Fusion Bar) and at the late-night cinema! Under programme you find which bands will play every night.

This year the Bar & Breakfast restaurant, right in front of the Kalakuta, will be entirely run by various ultras groups. The area will host debates and initiatives meant to promote popular fan culture and will especially focus on the ultras culture has contributed along the years to the birth and growth of the Mondiali.

Women can refer to a dedicated Women Assistance Point in case they need to talk to a trained person or seek help for any type of issue. Please refer to the Assistance Point even if you would like someone to escort you to your car, take you home or if you simply feel the need to lie down and relax.

The Mondiali Parade sets off Friday night from the centre of Casalecchio and will head to the Mondiali. A free bus service will be set up to take you to the starting point, then it’s up to all of you to make this the loudest parade ever! Make yourselves heard!

The Antiracist World Cup remains a non-commercial festival.
Tournaments, campsite and concerts are free.
But if we want to make sure that the Mondiali will not be forced to come to an end, all of you need to be with us and actively support the Antiracist World Cup. A minimum contribution of 100 euro per team would be the ideal contribution to break even. It may be out of reach for some of you, we understand. But most of us can manage!

The Antiracist World Cup is also an EcoFestival, promoting waste reduction and recycling. Our bars and restaurants distribute meals and beverages only with 100% organic, biodegradable plates, cups and cutlery. Help us by using the differentiated waste bins!

After the numerous thefts of 2008, we’ve improved security and adopted further measures, however we still recommend that you take special care of your belongings and keep an eye on who wanders around the campsite.

Respect, equality, solidarity, fairplay. This is what the Antiracist World Cup 2009 is about.
Let’s put any type of discrimination offside! Let’s fight to free our lives from racism, sexism and the G8!
We still have a whole match to play: so get ready, it’s time to take action!
Keep up the fight as well as your spirits!”