Mondiali Antirazzisti kicks-off more diverse than ever06 July 2017

AnunprecedentednumberofLGBT+,women’sandrefugeeteamswillbecontestingthisyear’s MondialiAntirazzistiaftertheorganiserssteppedupeffortsandestablishednewpartnershipstoincreasediversityatthesportingfestival.

42 teams with participants of migrant and refugee backgrounds and 11 LGBT+ teams will participate in the 21 edition of the festival. The number of women-only teams has increased to nine and for the first time over 50% of the participating teams will be mixed, making this the most inclusive and diverse edition of the festival so far.

The Mondiali Antirazzisti, organised by the Italian Fare member UISP and Progetto Ultra and co-funded by Fare, is a landmark for progressive football fan groups and activists from across Europe, who come together every year to celebrate diversity and stand against discrimination.

In addition to the sports tournaments, the festival also includes a series of cultural initiatives including concerts, performances, exhibitions and talks.

The focus of this year’s event will be gender equality. At the event, Fare will be supporting workshops delivered by the Italian initiative GoALL project on the topic. As part of their commitment to increase the number of female teams at the tournament, GoALL invited the Turkish lesbian team Athletic Dildoa, the Italian 5-a-side team Brigatta della Pace, FemSlam Football from Serbia, Le Sgomiatatrici from Berlin and the Ukrainian team NRG to participate. At workshops and throughout the tournament the teams will also generate awareness on the participation of female refugees in sport.

Other panels will address the refugees crisis and sport as a tool for integration.

The festival will be running between 05 and 09 July at Parco di Bosco Albergati, Modena.