Mondiali Antirazzisti: the winners are the ladies14 July 2008

The Mondiali Antirazzisti have been upsetted by the news of the unconfirmed rape that might have been taken place during the night between friday and saturday in the surroundings of the event area.

Even if the organisation of the Mondiali do not recognise – as, on the contrary, some media have stated – any link between what might have happened and the event itself, they decided to stop all the matches and to call an assembly to discuss about the issues of the fights against sexism and homophobia.
The resolution has been made also to give a precise answer to the macho attitudes shown by some visitors, who have acted in a way that fully contrasts the values of the event.

As the guiding values of the Mondiali suggest, every kind of problem has always been solved together by the organisation and the participants, and also in this case we have started a common reflection, that pointed out the need to give room to all the issues connected to sexism and sexual harrassments against women,

There have been many suggestion, and we'll spend the following 12 months analysing the better ones and understanding how to grow our Mondiali stronger.
Surely the 2009 edition will have a particular care about gender issues, involving both our participants and the “occasional visitors”, to make everyone more aware of this insidious form of discrimination.

After the assembly the organisation decided to cancel the final part of the championships, giving just 2 cups. The “Invisible cup” has been assigned to four teams coming from Congo, Ghana, Gambia and Cuba, who were stopped at the borders due to some problems with entry visas. The prize remarks that the Mondiali are an event fighting against racism and supporting free circulation of people, without barriers or fingerprints.
The most important prize, the Antiracist World Cup, has been assigned to the four female teams of the championships: Heidis and Perles del Turia from Valencia, Frisk og Svedig from Copenhagen and Csapsa Femminile.
The prize is a symbol for the commitment to start again for next year, to make sure that the Mondiali will be a place which will be more and more open to confrontation, dialogue and differences, but most of all a place where respect to everybody, women and men, is a guiding principle for the event.

It would be a mistake to bring five days of parties and sport to few, hateful episodes. We want to point out that during the Mondiali the atmosphere has been the usual one: friendly and full of social and cultural commitment. This has also been testified by the strong presence at the assembly from most of the teams.
After the prize-giving, many teams have accepted the invitation of the organisers, improvising new mixed teams and challenging each other in a non-competitive way.

We want to end this press release pointing out that it seems very strange to us, that we have had so much room on the italian press not for our contents, our projects and our discussions, but because of a news item.