Nazi attack on Red Star Leipzig26 October 2009

A violent, pre-meditated attack by neo-Nazis and hooligans upon players, club officials and fans of Red Star Leipzig has shocked German football.

At the game between FSV Brandis and Red Star Leipzig on 24th October a violent attack took place by approximately 50 neo-Nazis upon the Red Star contingent. Discussions prior to the match between the officials of FSV Brandis and police did not result in a heightening of security and it is believed that only four policeman were present at the start of the game.

It is also alleged that one home steward opened an entrance allowing the neo-Nazis to directly attack the Red Star supporters – such violence is not a rare occurrence, but the attackers appeared to arm themselves with steel-pipes, stones and wood slats, which were hidden within the stadium, suggesting a planned attack.

Starting with the throwing of fireworks, stones and petrol bombs at the Red Star fans, the attack soon escalated into serious violence, spilling over onto the pitch, with weapons being openly brandished. Three fans were seriously hurt and taken to hospital.

Red Star commented: “We assume that the police have numerous clues as to the identity and whereabouts of the attackers. Furthermore, we hope that the club officials of FSV Brandis will be able to identify the ringleaders from the attacking group. We wonder however why neither the police nor the club were able to meet our safety concerns throughout the game.”

FARE wishes all the injured parties a speedy recovery!