Nazi salutes in Spain17 November 2004

Disturbing racist scenes occurred during the Spanish national cup (Copa del rey) match between Cádiz CF and Betis Sevilla, played at Cadiz’s Ramón de Carranza stadium on the 10 November, 2004. A group of about 80 people belonging to the Betis Sevilla ultra group Supporters Gol Sur, shouted racist and anti-Semitic chants throughout the game. With an almost permanent Nazi salute, the group repeatedly made “Seig Heil” chants and chants referring to the Holocaust such as “We want 6 million more”. The group flew banners with fascist symbols and many wore fascist T-shirts.

Many police were involved in containing the group, to prevent them from fighting with opposing supporters. Two people were removed for destroying chairs, but nobody was approached for racist behaviour.