Neo-Nazis among fans at forthcoming World Cup in Germany24 January 2006

Neo-Nazi groups in several eastern European countries are gathering forces against black players (such Sol Campbell and Ledley King) in the England team. According to the Sunday Times skinheads from Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia and the Czech Republic have organised a number of meetings to coordinate racist abuse at matches during the forthcoming World Cup in Germany. On January 22 the Sunday Times quoted two important representatives of these supporter groups – Rdi Jiricna, a Czech organiser of the United Fascist Brigade, and Dragan Banovic, head of a Serbian fascist group. Jiricna emphasised that Germany was the spiritual home of neo-Nazis and other racist groups, saying: “We will be coming together to fight in Germany. We are looking for black English players because they are taking the places of white players.” Banovic took a similar line. “Germany will be one big battleground this summer. This is an opportunity for our groups to shout our message and to know people will hear it. The black players from England will be a good target for us, and we will be throwing more than bananas at them.” The groups claimed they will not be deterred by measures intended to prevent them gaining access to the stadiums.

(Source: Il Manifesto)