'Never Again' begins official cooperation with 2012 coordinating body21 January 2009

FARE partner “NEVER AGAIN” Association has started official cooperation with PL.2012, the coordinating body overseeing preparation undertakings for Euro 2012 in Poland.

A statement from PL.2012 says:
“The cooperation includes social campaigning against racism in “Let's kick racism out of stadiums”, education and trainings for security and stewards, PR and media work. Organisation of such events is to be vested in the “Never Again” Association, an NGO founded in 1996 involved in counteracting racist attitudes, xenophobia and intolerance on Polish stadia. As a founding member of FARE, “Never Again” is responsible for the implementation of anti-racism programmes addressed to supporters in Poland and Ukraine. The most popular such campaign implemented in recent years was the “Lets kick out racism from our stadia” [Wykopmy rasizm ze stadionów] campaign.

Commencement of the cooperation between “Never Again” Association and PL.2012 was facilitated by the meeting held on 8 January. The meeting was attended by Tadeusz Zygmunt, National Security Coordinator and members of the safety and security team of Pl.2012, as well as Jacek Purski, representative of “Never Again” Association, responsible for the preparation of anti-racism informational campaign during European Championships in Poland. The common objectives of both these entities will be in the coming years to ensure that the staging of UEFA EURO 2012™ is not interfered by any unwanted incidents. Attendees of the meeting agreed however that in order to achieve this goal the actions taken only during the tournament will not be sufficient.

Therefore, in the coming weeks joint activities will be commenced aiming at extending the programme of obligatory training for stewarding staff with a module devoted to identification of racist symbols used in various European countries. Appropriate training materials will be elaborated. During EURO 2012 racist symbols will not be allowed to be exposed at any venues relating to the tournament. Owners of scarfs, T-shirts or any other gadgets which are racist or xenophobic in nature will have to take into account that they will not be allowed on the stadium or in the official fan zone.

Cooperation between “Never Again” Association and PL.2012 will cover also the implementation of a wide informational campaign in the years preceding the Championship and organisation of a series of local educational events. The scope of planned activities aimed at prevention provides reasonable assurance that during UEFA EURO 2012 no person will bring shame on Poland by public display of racist views”.