New gender equality plan launched for clubs in Rosario13 April 2017


‘Clubes por la Igualdad’ (ENG ‘Clubs for Equality’) proposes a collaborative work between the clubs of the city to address gender inequality, stereotypes around gender roles and promote equal rights.

Activities include: evaluate and monitor the structures of clubs in regards to gender equality in their structures, functioning and also amongst their members and fans; revision and amendment of club statutes to break barriers to female participation; and, promote the plan and its aims amongst the club’s online and offline channels.

In addition, talks will be organised in schools to break down stereotypes, a new service of help lines will be created for victims of gender-based violence and other actions will further equal access to sport and leisure for both genders.

In 2016, Argentina was ranked 33 on the World Economic Forum gender index, which highlighted the access to health, work and political empowerment as some of the biggest challenges for women in the country.

The initiative, supported by the city council, was launched on Tuesday, 12 April, at the club Atalaya, emphasising the importance of clubs to educate and promote diversity.

The plan of action comes at a time when thousands gathered in Buenos Aires, also on Tuesday, in wake of latest femicide case. Figures of the NGO La Casa del Encuentro suggest one femicide every 30 hours in Argentina.