New guide provides guidance on football coaching for refugees03 May 2017


Divided into eight main sections, the guide includes information on training tips and training set-up, insight on challenges when training refugees, language integration, and exercises on dealing with conflicts within the training group, communication, game methodology, and best practice from CHAMPIONS ohne GRENZEN.

It has been developed as part of the “Willkommen im Fußball” (ENG Welcome to Football) programme of the Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendsti uni (Foundation for Children and Young People), backed by the Bundesliga Foundation and the State Commissioner for Immigration, Refugees and Integration, which promotes cooperation between top tier clubs with local education and social institutions, and city councils, to allow refugees and asylum seekers to access sport.

Over 20 clubs from the German Bundesliga and 2nd  Bundesliga – such  as  Borussia  Dortmund, Bayer 04 Leverkusen and SV Werder Bremen – are involved in the refugee-welcoming alliances providing regular training sessions and football tournaments.

The  guide follows a conference organised in November 2016 around the programme, which presented conclusions, challenges and solutions of “Willkommen im Fußball” and experiences regarding what professional football in Europe and Germany can do to help refugees.