Newly restructured women’s football league ‘Brasileirão Femenino’ kicks-off in Brazil15 March 2017


The league was restructured by the CBF (Brazilian Football Federation) to increase women’s participation in football by increasing the number of teams spread across two divisions Brasileiro Feminino A1 andBrasileiro Feminino A2.

The clubs will feature many of the best women’s players in Brazil. Most of the national team, the Canarinhas (Canaries), will play in the League. Although Brazilian women’s football is the best in Latin America, usually winning the Copa América Feminina and the Pan- American Games, they are much less successful in international competitions such as the Olympic Games and the Women’s World Cup.

The restructure of the league allows the participation of newly formed teams including Audax/ UNIP (a partnership between Osasco Audax and Universidade Paulista), Gremio, Ponte Preta and Sport Recife and it is expected to grow in size in the future.

Manoel Flores, the league’s Director said, “A strong competition will help strengthen the idea that sport has no gender and was made for all. Women’s football plays an important role in ensuring this and will grow with a competition stronger, more solid and balance”.

He went on to say that the initiative to increase the size of the league came from the clubs, to increase the number of games so clubs would compete for a longer period during the year

“We hope the competition grows and be more competitive; we are doing everything to ensure the competition improves in all aspects”, added Flores.

“The changes are beneficial for the sport, it adds more games to women’s football”, said Samia Pryscila of São José.