Nigerian accountant, Colombian juggler and Egyptian teacher come together for multicultural league28 September 2016

Anaccountant fromNigeria,abrokerfromIran,anITspecialistfromUkraine,ajugglerfromColombiaandateacherfromEgyptareamongadiversegroupofhundredsofpeoplethatuntilDecemberwillplayin Poland’slargestinterculturalfootballleague.

The 13th edition of the Etnoliga, an initiative organised by the Fare member Fundacja dal Wolności, kicked-off on Sunday 25 September to promote football as a means to strengthen links between different cultures. At the launching event an exhibition of the Belorussian graduate Alena Kharuzhykwas presented a series of photographs on Europe’s refugee crisis.

The league is a multicultural football tournament of mixed teams that aims to promote social inclusion, diversity and cultural exchanges for people living in Warsaw, a city where it is estimated that 10 percent of the population is immigrant.

“Along the years we have encouraged migrants and Poles to join the league and play football together; to get to know each other and to break down prejudices.

“We want it to be like this always. We want to see common activities help discover common interests and effectively promote the social inclusion of migrants.” said the project coordinator, Krzysztof Jarymowicz.

The first Etnoliga tournament was organised in 2005 featuring teams of refugees, university students and Chechens; but, the league’s uniqueness rapidly reached more participants.

Currently, almost a thousand people from over 50 countries play in the league, which also  includes activities such as teams’ presentations, workshops and games.

The 13th edition of the Etnoliga is supported by Fare and will run from 25 September to 11 December 2016. All games are played on Sundays and this year Fundacja dal Wolności is also preparing tours around different areas of Warsaw.