No to Racism No to Violence campaign in Romania15 June 2009

On 13th of June the No to Racism No to Violence campaign was highlighted at the final game of the Romanian Cup when CFR Cluj won against Polisportiva Timisoara 3-0.

The televised game watched by an estimated 3.8 million Romanians started with a 3.5 minute display of the banner No To Racism No To Violence in front of the players who wore T-shirts with anti-racism messages. On the vidi-wall in the stadium all three video-clips produced to promote the campaigns against racism were presented and one was broadcasted during the commercial break at the end of the game. FARE provided the teams with Unite Against Racism captains armbands.

The “1st of June Cup – No to Racism, No to Violence” took place in Bucharest. This was the last event in a series of campaigns in partnership of Policy Center for Roma and Minorities with the Romanian Football Federation (RFF), the Consiliul Naţional pentru Combaterea Discriminării and stakeholders from celebrities to trade unions. The interlinked campaigning had without doubt a strong impact not just in Romania but also abroad. The campaigns were thought as reinforcing each other messages and the Decade of Roma Inclusion was promoted through all campaigns. Roma NGOs played a very important role in all stages despite the fact that the campaigns involve a large number of stakeholders from ministries to trade unions. Two of the best known Romania footballers – two times winner of the European Championship Cup Miodrag Belodedici and Daniel Prodan took part together with the director of the NCCD Csaba Asztalos and Valeriu Nicolae (Open Society Institute) at the opening ceremony.

On 30 June 2009, 20 teams played for the 1st of June Cup – No to Racism no to Violence. Around 3,000 people were involved (450 children), including children’s teams from the most famous clubs in Bucharest. The children wore t-shirts against racism.